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A Lazy Student's Way to Writing an Impactful Dissertation Conclusion

Writing a master's dissertation is like going on a long quest. It starts with a comprehensive research process, which then goes through brainstorming, outlining and winds all the way through to writing the introduction and then the conclusion. The entire process may sound a little simple however, it is certainly not.

A conclusion, as the name suggests, is the ending section or chapter of the dissertation. It symbolises and validates the increase in knowledge incurred from the in-depth research carried out on a specific topic. It is the closing statement that demonstrates to the supervisor that you have met the requirements specified for earning the degree. It proves that you have also made a significant contribution to your field of interest.

Regardless of the quality and effectiveness of the overall dissertation, if the conclusion is weak all your work will go to waste, completely. Conclusion is not a typical summary where you just give a précis of what you have already stated. But it is a clear and concise section that provides the readers with a food for thought.

Want to know how you can make your conclusion an impactful one? Read more to find out...

  • Determine what recommendations or suggestions could be provided in this ending chapter. For that ask a friend or an acquaintance in the same field to take a look at your dissertation. Their feedbacks can help you a lot in determining what unique suggestion you can pose in it.
  • Never reiterate the same information that you have already stated in the body.
  • Try to summarise the key arguments of the dissertation using bullets and numbers as it makes the summary easy to write. Keep in mind that the main aim of your conclusion is to make the readers remember what you have taught them in the body of your dissertation.
  • Show the committee your understanding of the subject by referring back to the some statement given in the body.
  • To make your research on a hypothesis seems rational you need to present your own opinions as well. Although some may not agree with your opinion but they will surely value it as a fellow scholar.
  • Last but not least, avoid poignant arguments or statements.

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