General Guidelines

  • Expert writers and scholars suggest that abstract should be written after completing the whole dissertation. It makes the process quite easier as you will have all the key points already in your mind, thus having a proper understanding of your topic beforehand.
  • Determine the type of abstract you need to write depending on the subject or topic of your work. Expert scholars - who already have contributed to their field - suggest that there are two types of abstract. One is identified as an informative abstract while the other is named as descriptive abstract.

    The latter type gives a general précis of the entire research, detailing what the research is all about. While the former one only focuses on summarising the key points of the research together with its outcome.

  • Always make an outline of your dissertation chapters as it makes this hectic paper less hectic. List down the heading or title of each chapter of your dissertation and write brief descriptions of the key points discussed in them. Once all key points from each chapter are outlined, group them all and put them into a concise sentence.
  • Review the instruction manual given by your dissertation advisor and check out the word limit mentioned therein. Generally, a typical abstract is written around 200 to 300 words however it can be stretched to 400 words as well, depending on the requirement.
  • Use keywords in your abstract as this practice makes it easier for the scholars to find the dissertation on a particular topic.

Writing Guidelines

  • Start the abstract by first introducing the main research question of the dissertation, followed by its importance in your particular area of study. Tell your readers how this research is worth a contribution.
  • Secondly, present the main problem that you have tackled in the body of your dissertation. Present a brief detail of your main thesis, hypothesis and key points.
  • In the next sentence briefly explain the research methodology that you have used for your work. This is yet another significant point that needs to be explained to the readers to give a clear account of your research.
  • The methodology will be followed by the brief detail of the outcome of your research.
  • The abstract will then be concluded with detailing the significance of the research study and why its outcome is useful for the field.
  • Revise the entire abstract a couple of times and make sure that it has addressed the thesis statement of the dissertation effectively.

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