The client is entitled to file a complaint through the Online Customer support of Dissertation Kingdom if he/she feels unsatisfied with the quality of the work even after having the paper revised 7 times. In that event:

  • The company will either changed the assigned writer if it believes that the dissertation can be completed in a timely manner by a different expert.
  • Or, reimburse the complete payment to the customer if it believes that the order cannot be handled within the deadline.

It is at the sole discretion of Dissertation Kingdom to reject a refund request of the customer in the event of a minor delay or some insignificant errors in the content as such issues fail to hold sufficient ground for a full refund. However to compensate for the inconvenience, the customer may negotiate with the company to offer a discount or partial refund.

In case if the customer’s credit card is accidentally charged twice, Dissertation Kingdom will take complete responsibility to refund the extra charged payment to the customer.

Contact and Dispute Settlement Policy

  • In the event of dissatisfaction on the part of the customer, he/she agrees to first contact Dissertation Kingdom for the direct settlement before contacting any intermediary.
  • Dissertation Kingdom can be contacted easily through its Phone Number or Online Customer Support Service.
  • In case, Dissertation Kingdom and the customer fails to reach any appropriate settlement within 14 days after the initial contact through the above listed communication channels, the customer is free to contact the third party for further assistance.
  • Failure to contacting the company may consider as a violation of the contract and immediate steps will be taken accordingly.